Radio Schopenhauer

Radio these days in the United States seems largely to consist of angry right-wing shouters, but in Ireland they do things rather differently. So differently that they’re willing to give an hour of airtime to have an erudite panel discuss the work and influence of Arthur Schopenhauer. Since Schopenhauer is one of history’s most magnificent philosophical pessimists — and one of the few to have genuinely wide cultural influence — I’m linking to the broadcast with the graphic below. It should be of interest to the sort of people who read a site like this.(Clicking on the play button in graphic opens a new browser window on which the broadcast is replayed. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to figure out a way to download the content directly.)

The show’s distinguished panel consists of Christopher Janaway of the University of Southampton, Sandra Shapshay of Indiana University, Brian O’Connor of University College, Dublin, and David Berman emeritus at Trinity College, Dublin.

Hat tip to Leiter Reports for bringing my attention to the broadcast.

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