The worst things about being in love

I have to admit that I’m a fan of, largely because its writers are willing to be so brutal in being funny. And today I would like to commend your attention to Felix Clay‘s “The 4 Worst Things About Being in Love.” As anyone who reads back through this site will know, I am no fan of love, and the fact that I can easily point to three of the four items on Mr. Clay’s list as things that have blighted my existence doubtless goes a long way toward explaining my sour disposition on the matter.

What really strikes me, though, is that in reading through the comments on the article is the remarkable number of comments that repeat the same tiresome platitude: “Just hang in there, because there’s somebody out there for everyone.” The observation invariably thrown down as decisive evidence in favor of this remarkable proposition is some first- or second-hand experience: “I (or some friend/family member) thought things would never work out, and then I met this wonderful person, etc. etc.” Does no one reflect on the fact that such evidence is not even remotely adequate to sustain the proposition?

One wants to weep.

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